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'Without Wax' is a journey through life written with a modern lyric style. These poems follow my path and early battle with what turns out to be autism, as well as my many years discovering who I am and my thoughts and feelings about the world around us. 
I have spent many years studying and trying to understand the many facets that make us human; this is enriched by the many years of being a therapist and helping people from all walks of life.
"Without Wax" is also written about the many journeys I have taken and the different people and cultures I have been privileged to engage with. It explores themes of personal development, nature, and identity, as well as some fun/nonsense poems. This project aims to use poetry to express my thoughts, feelings and ideas about our modern world and hopefully point others toward their personal development. The book also includes articles from my collection of work I have written over the years, which I use within my coaching practice. 

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