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I am a passionate individual who thrives on creativity, self-expression, and helping others to become the best version of themselves. 
From a young age, I have always been interested in people and discovering what it takes to become a human, and part of the world around us. It sounds a little deep and meaningful. But it all came together when I was diagnosed as being Autistic. The rest all fell into place. 
I started writing poetry and books when I was a young boy, which allowed me to explore my emotions, thoughts, and observations off the world around me. Whether crafting articles or writing poetry, I felt immense joy putting my ideas onto paper. 
After school, I followed my family into aviation and forged a career within the airlines and general aviation. I became successful and rose to the ranks of project and global management. I was also fortunate to be involved in other projects and consultancy, which took me too many destinations worldwide. I also became a volunteer to a disaster management company, using my experience to help those affected by natural and man-made disasters. 
In early 2005, I retrained and acquired my NLP Master Practitioner and Cognitive Hypnotherapist qualifications, which re-ignited my passion for understanding people and the world around us. I then successfully started my therapy and consultancy practice before qualifying as an ILM7 (institute of Leadership and Management) executive coach, mentor, and supervisor. I have also become a level 2 Reiki practitioner and studied many other healing concepts; the ancient ideas and traditions fascinate me, as well as new concepts built around Quantum Physics.
Throughout my professional and personal life, I have embraced opportunities to speak and interact with people from varying backgrounds and cultures. These experiences have allowed me to learn from others, share my insights and build a network of like-minded people.

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