Your capabilities

What is a belief?

It’s a thought you have about yourself and your capabilities. But, what if that thought is born from somewhere or someone else? That means you live your life from something or someone else’s point of view. So is that belief yours? Take five minutes and think about a neg-ative belief, where did it come from, does it belong to you? If so, why does it belong to you, if you have tried something and it didn’t work, that is just feedback, not a failure. If that thought is from someone else telling you that you cannot do this or that, and due to this advice you haven’t tried or done something, that thought isn’t yours. You are in effect, living from someone else’s beliefs, not yours.

Life is about challenges and trying different things as you walk your path; some things will work some won’t. Remember you have everything you need to fulfil your life’s goals, if you only believe in YOU, and take everything as feedback, not a failure. Take on board that this life is a classroom where we learn as we go, despite what certain books tell you, you won’t get everything you ask for, as not getting certain things means you learn to adapt. If you can adjust you grow and flow with life. If you put up resistance to learning, then that’s when issues arise as your expectations start to diminish.

The answer is? Start living your life and not from the beliefs, thoughts and theories of others. Their problems are their’s, not yours. You can be selfish in your strive to be the best you can be for you if others don’t get it, well, isn’t that their issue?