Your belief’s, your life? Probably not!

What is a belief? It is just a personal belief or a decision we make about ourselves and our model of the world. It gives us what we think we are capable of, and then we project that onto the world around us. Great, we get that, but where do these beliefs come from?

That is the part that most of us gloss over; we ignore the origins of those thoughts about us, as most will say, ‘it’s just me, it is apart of who I am. And this is entirely the wrong notion to take. Beliefs are not born to us; they are installed into us from an early age. Between zero and seven years old, your brain is at a Theta state; it is almost hypnotic. Everything around us is taken in and stored. This includes what we believe to be correct from parents, siblings, family, the media, teachers etc and this is when most of us will pick these beliefs about us and our capabilities.

An example, you go for a walk with your parents to the seaside. You walk to the top of a cliff, then you observe, and maybe not consciously, but you observe as your mum or dad panics or shows fear when they get close to the edge, exclaiming they hate heights. The look on their face, the way they act is installed in you, as it may have been a frightening experience seeing the person you look up to behave in this manner. The next time you go to a cliff edge or somewhere high, this memory comes flooding back into your present senses and you back away with a feeling of being unsure about heights. Unless you deal with these thoughts, they become more robust, and before you know it, over time, you are also afraid of heights but with no real rational idea as to why.

That goes with many of the beliefs and issues around our capabilities and behaviours. They could have been installed into us at an age where we take everything on board from an unconscious basis, but, as we are too young, we don’t question these thoughts; they have filed away and become part of who we are, our beliefs.

To break away from these limiting beliefs, recognise that these beliefs may not be yours, they may belong to someone else, and you have installed them into what you think you are capable of and probably at an early age. So ask yourself, who’s life are you living?

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