Why Am I Negative?

We all feel negativity in our lives, probably because we think we need to comply. We get bombarded with slim, be healthy, don’t eat this, don’t say that! Doesn’t this give us the thought that we will never be skinny or healthy? In saying that we need to lose weight or eat healthily means that we are not these things, as the mind only works in what’s plausible, as in, it only believes what we tell it. An example, I don’t want you to think of a banana. I know you have thought about that banana because the mind has to think about that thing we don’t want to think about. It’s the same when we buy an orange car, why an orange one? Because there aren’t many of those around, then you suddenly see them everywhere, as you have just programmed your mind to find and see orange cars.

When we fill our heads with the things that are supposedly bad for us, we are actually thinking about those bad things. And as the universe brings us what we think about, we find ourselves becoming overweight or becoming unhealthy, and then we say things like ‘I have tried hard, but I just cannot lose weight’. You are reinforcing the ‘cannot lose weight’, and you continue on that path of least resistance and carry on putting on weight.

This is the track of our lives that we program and get programmed to work with daily, which brings on this negative mindset. This kind of thinking is not explained to us at the outset of our lives, and we carry on programming ourselves to think in this way. In other words, we physically hurt ourselves to death; it is just a simple case of cause and effect. If we are taught and learn at an early age to appreciate our capabilities and who we are, we can let go of what society thinks we should be, and we start to program our minds to accept that ‘I’ that real part of us. Unfortunately, as this isn’t the case, we fill our lives with heroes and people we aspire to be, as apparently, that is much better than simply being you. We strive to fit in instead of knowing where we fit in. Doesn’t Knowing where we fit in sound like a better way to live? Because this brings strength and inner confidence to become our individual selves.

Remember, we are what we tell ourselves, think negative, and we become negative think
positive and we become positive. Reframe what you tell yourself by only expressing what you want
don’t even think about the negativity of anything you are doing or trying as that will only bring more of what you don’t want. Remember this ‘What the thinker thinks the believer believes’.
In a previous article, we brought this idea to you that there is no such thing as failure, only feed-back. If you try something and it doesn’t work, it is merely feedback, work out why it didn’t work and try again. This mindset keeps you on track to maintaining a positive mind, which has no room for thinking or being negative.