When a storm is coming

When a storm is coming all other birds seek shelter, the eagle alone avoids the storm
by flying above it. So, in the storms of life….may your heart soar like an eagle

When we talk about storms in our human terms, we mean turmoil, upsets, things happening to us that we didn’t envisage, even covid pandemics. What happens when these issues of life arise? We have two options, we run away, seek shelter and wait until someone tells us that the storm has passed and it is safe for us to come out. Or option two, we rise above the storm, and in do-ing so, it allows us the foresight into understanding why the storm arose in the first place. Under-standing why something has happened is half the battle to correcting the situation. How do we rise above it? Only by taking the time to understand and learn why that issue or problem arrived at that particular time and the meaning we can take from it.

When we were growing up, we were never really taught to take time out to understand the is-sues or problems we may face in life. So our primary survival mode kicks in, and the flight or fight comes to remind us to either fight the problem or run away from it. Which is seeking shelter and waiting or hoping it will go away. Unless we premeditate the thing we are confronted with, we have all the tools needed to work through that particular issue. Life doesn’t give us problems un-less it knows we can work through it; however, it won’t show us the answer as that would be too easy, and we would never learn. As we covered in a previous article, remember it is never that thing that causes us the issue, it is the meaning we give it.

For your heart to soar like an eagle, first, open it, don’t be afraid, no-one can take your spirit un-less you let them. Opening your heart, which in itself is a little brain and has a mind of its own, will allow the love of understanding to flow. Then take the time to look at what you are being faced with. Allow the heart, mind and the love of self to show you the teachings and learnings being shown to you and then, when you have understood the lesson, break bonds with the issue and soar above it.

Everyone can be a bird, that’s easy, but it takes courage, understanding and quiet confidence to become an eagle. Which will you choose?