What connects us?

What connects us all to each other? Is it the exchange of energy between people, that element which bonds us, inspires us and builds trust? Or is it something else far greater? Perhaps when we talk about connectedness between people we don’t really understand what that question actually represents. Because it is that deep connection we all search for, yet majority don’t find.

When we talk about being connected to others we talk about love, respect, compassion, kinship, loyalty, and yet we have these things, but, still feel we are not connecting to one another. So perhaps being connected means something else? Because why do we search for the things we already have? Being connected must mean something else.

Are we looking in the right places, or do we need to think about this in a different way? Perhaps we need to find the meaning of connecting. Because the internet is full of physical things to feel and try when we search for, or when we believe we are connecting to others. Yet we still search.

We will never find the true meaning unless we first connect with ourselves, those parts of us that we need to understand and work with. Because unless we understand the basics our search will be in vein. How can we connect with others if we are not connecting with ourselves first? The first step is to understand how our consciousness connects with the universe, nature and the unseen forces that guide us each and every day. Then and only then can we say we understand how we relate to our individual world, which will allow those insights we need to be able to truly understand the connection to the world around us, and to others.

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