To flow with life, become life

Interesting line… “To flow with life, become life”. In other words, to become that thing we want to be, we have to allow it to become us and to change we need to start by walking the path of least resistance.

When we want to change, the first thing we do is find the most challenging route. This is because we analyse too much; we think it through several times before we act.

It is against our nature to surrender to who we want to be. We become conditioned from an early age and we have to work hard to be the thing or person we strive to be. All this does is remind us that we aren’t that ‘thing’ as we are trying too hard. We then analyse what may be going wrong and decide that we are not worthy of whatever it is, as, despite all the struggles, we just aren’t changing.

Now, there is one fundamental law that we first have to embrace and that is to become what we want to be, not by dissecting it, but by the simple act of understanding it. Once we can do this, then we can let go of trying to become it and just be it.

Bruce Lee, the martial artist and philosopher, said, “If you want to move like water, become water”.

If you want a better life, become life. Most of us wish for a better life, so we work harder, become more stressed, take more chances and then become weary and tired in the process, thus not achieving what we want.

So for a better life, begin to flow with life, become it and surrender to the fight.

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