The Voyage Of Self-Discovery

Life is a journey, it’s not about staying in one particular area. We mentioned metaphors in a recent post so here’s one for you:  It’s like you’re a ship, standing tall, made of oak, elegant, regal & made for crossing oceans.

Wouldn’t it be a shame if, instead of unearthing new wondrous lands & sailing into a gorgeous sunset, you remained in port tied to the dock?  There you would start to rust, barnacles would invade the oak, making you sluggish & not able to glide through the water. Salt would infest the woodwork, causing it to rot & crumble. It would be a lifeless & frustrating experience as you watch other ships come & go with tales of far-off lands & adventures gained.

The ocean you see from the dock is an invitation to let go of the safety of the port & to allow you to stretch your imaginations outside of the boundaries of your life as you know it presently. It’s calling you to explore the world, to make new journeys of discovery & at the same time to map your life experience. This plan is for you to draw as you observe this new incredible world & encounter the new tides and lands you find along the way.

There’ll be storms & high seas; these are the learnings we take from any journey as we find what we are truly capable of. We’re designed to pick up skills as we go & add them to our life’s log of activities.

So, untie from the dock & set-off remembering it’s the journey that’s the main point to this. Observe, do not become, learn but do not take personally & allow your mind to explore.  This voyage is about self-discovery & how we can transform along the way. It’s a huge ocean waiting to be discovered, as the old saying goes, ‘Time & tide wait for no man’.

The horizon is calling; the wind is favourable, so let go of the safety of port; you are sturdy & steadfast made to go on expeditions to learn about life, your life.

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