The thought for to-day is don’t think.

Strange to say isn’t it? Don’t think, but it’s true. In one day, we can have as many as six thousand thoughts. That’s a lot of background noise we have each day. Most of which confuse us, send us off in the wrong direction and cause anxiety and confusion, apart from the five or so positive and clear thoughts we have.

Why do we have so many thoughts? It’s because we have a thinking brain, that part of us that separates us from the animal kingdom. This thinking brain has led us to where we are now, with all the wonders and all the horrors we created.

Our brains are incredible, but they can also lead us to self-sabotage and make something logical into something confusing by overthinking. It’s what we do, we think of something then we overthink and analyse it too much. We add thoughts, behaviours, scenarios, beliefs and sometimes our identities to these thoughts. What started as a simple idea, thought, or theory has become so large that we cannot comprehend the answers we require.

Next time you are aware of something you need to do, work on, or understand, slow it down. Try not to overthink it, clarity comes when we have a clear thought, and that comes once we can think with a clear mind. Imagine a fish tank, stir it up and what happens? It becomes cloudy, and you cannot see. This is when we overthink a thought. If we leave the fish tank and let it settle, it will become clear. Just like our thoughts if we allow them to settle.

Another trick is to act instinctively use logic to understand a problem then use intuition to solve it. Be aware that your unconscious will add things to a thought from past experiences. The longer an idea is maturing in your mind, the more you add to it. When thinking about something, make that decision to give it time by understating what it is, (logic). Or let it go as just another thought in our brain’s superhighway, (intuition).

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