The Obstacle Is The Path

Many years ago, we learned that if you walk your path, and you experience distractions, issues and problems, you are on the right path. How can this be when we are supposed to be living a life rich with happiness and wonder that these obstacles arise? Surely that must be wrong?

The answer is no; it isn’t wrong; in fact, it is very accurate. Life is about making your life happen. It is also about learning and growing stronger. You get physically fit by challenging your body, by running, or going to the gym. We get mentally stronger by training our minds and consciousness to challenge ourselves through issues and problems. Only when we question our minds by going through disputes that we see the light and possibilities waiting for us at the end. These moments are just obstacles on our path to a higher knowledge of what we are individually capable of.

Next time an issue or problem arises, and as long as you didn’t premeditate the circumstances, this is a life lesson. It may be traumatic at the time, but we won’t know what happiness is unless we get these difficulties and understand them. The real joy, calm and peace come from becoming stronger and being more robust which means challenging ourselves to overcome the strife that rises to meet us.

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