The beat of a butterflies wings

The beat of a butterflies wings in the Sahara deserts can cause a hurricane in the Caribbean. The little flutter of its wings causes small eddies, which, left unchecked get bigger and more powerful and, in the right conditions, may cause a hurricane thousands of miles away.

It’s like our negative thoughts and feelings, which may get larger and more frightening the longer they are left unchecked. They begin small and insignificant, but the more they are left to rot and grown, they become a hurricane in the unconsciousness of our minds.

The negative thought can start from something you didn’t actually experience; it may be a thought, something you saw or heard from someone or something else. Remember, it is never the event that causes us issues; it is how we interpret the event that causes us the problems.

Be it negative or positive, choices we make in life become the beat of the life we walk. Don’t let negative thoughts override the learning we can take from whatever it was which installed it in the first place. Asking questions and becoming self-aware will stop negative thoughts in their tracks. Then we can decide to take action to clear these thoughts from our minds. Because if we don’t, they will only become more assertive and cause a hurricane in our lives at a later date.

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