The art of seeing without seeing

What do you see? Right now, what do you see? You probably say you see the world around you, with its colours, shapes and movements. Now stop using your eyes, and tell me what you see? Nothing? Ok, let us guide you, close your eyes and now see using your intuition.

Intuition is becoming a sense we are not using to its full extent. Why would we use it these days? We have all sorts of electronic aids to guide us through our lives, so why would we want to use this natural part of us? Because intuition is one of the most important and influential forces, we have at our disposal.

Using your intuition is the sense of knowing something without you understanding why you know it. It taps into the most powerful part of us, the subconscious mind. It is also akin to the sixth sense, that legendary part of us that allows us to see the world in ways we do not understand as it moves us out of our comfort zone. Allowing yourself to see using your intuition will enable you to ‘sense’ situations for what they genuinely represent; you see people for who they are. It steals you away from harm and sets a new course for a more prosperous life. Stop seeing with your eyes and allow intuition to guide you, start listening to those gut reactions, slow down and tune into the inner you by allowing your subconscious to speak to you, which will open your mind to see without seeing.

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