Spiritual DNA

The spiritual DNA is the essence of who we are; It is not the same as physical DNA, which codes our genetic and cellular backgrounds of who we are born into while in this world.

The spiritual DNA is the route of you as a being, as an entity of not only this world but the universal conscious mind. Spiritual DNA breaks down the physical into the unseen realms of us and our being of who we are and what we need to do while on the earth.

If you take time to break down this code, which some are close to doing, then the whole essence of who you are will become clear. Some say this spiritual code is still linked to the earth plane, but this is not true. The Spiritual DNA will show the divine order of not just humankind but the universal kind.

Stop being obsessed with the physical as this will only show you more of the physical life; take time to look unto the spiritual as this will show you the cosmos and the true way of walking on this earth.

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