Ready To Move On?

There has been a lot of media reporting on how to move on once the pandemic is stabilised. Much of the advice is suitable and makes sense, but there is always that underlying question of why we need to move. Doesn’t it make sense to pick up from where we left off? And the answer to that is no. We need to move in a different direction; otherwise, all the learnings we got from dealing with this pandemic will float away.

Why are we so afraid to move on? Perhaps it is that need to keep safe, to stay within our comfort zones. Maybe its because we don’t know which direction to move in, so we wait to be told. Or it could be procrastination which is the result of weeks of not being allowed to move around. Whichever it is, we cannot carry on where we left off because that option is no longer available.

How do we move on? The first step is to recognise we have changed; we already discussed this in a previous article that change is a constant and that if we allow it to happen, then we move with the ebb and flow of our lives. Secondly, it is to notice the old you is no longer there; it is being replaced. That is where many of us struggle, with that realisation that we are being replaced minute by minute. Think about it; we have new thoughts, new ideas, we see things slightly differently, we are getting older, fitter, lazier, cells in our bodies are continually being replaced; in fact, the list is endless. Yet on a day to day basis, we deny this change is happening. Accept the idea that change is constant; it is easier to flow down a river than to fight against the tide.

If we embrace the idea that we need to move on from where we are, then we open our minds to possibilities, we start to look for the answers to life’s purpose. We find direction, and gradually we move out of our comfort zones. Small steps are all that’s needed to make a difference, and as your confidence grows, your abilities will also develop. Begin to move to the beat or your life and follow your purpose.

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