Present Mind

Have you ever stopped to think what thought you are thinking at any moment in time? Have you realised that there isn’t a past or future, that all there is, is a present moment?

Just think that every thought is a present thought, every emotion is a present emotion, and all time is present time. It is interesting to realise the illusion we create about any present moment in believing the present moment and our minds are separate. But, this cannot be true as to experience and understand the experience in current time ‘now’ must mean our body and mind operate as one.

May this stop the confusion when people say that the experience we just witnessed is just the mind working, as it cannot strictly be true. To experience anything in the physical world, the physical body must also be experiencing it as well as the mind, which interprets it.

To experience any thought, emotion or time, the mind and body need to operate as one to make the ‘moment’ tangible and real. Remember, the past is a memory, the future just a thought, yet the thing we live our lives by at any moment is, which in any argument will always be a ‘present’. So unwrap it and cherish it, as it will never pass again.

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