What does peace mean? Quiet, solitude, tranquillity, freedom from disturbance and the hustles and bustle of life. Perhaps sitting in a church or other religious places of worship? Yes, all of those, but there is another side to peace that many of us are yet to comprehend. That is the peace to be found in being still and allowing your consciousness to become one with the unseen world.

I have been lucky enough to experience this on three occasions. If done correctly, the peace and understanding that comes from this stillness is different to anything most would have experienced. In this state, which anyone can achieve if the correct practice is done, you will experience a profound stillness where your material self simply ceases to exist. In this realm, only peace, compassion and understanding reside. A place where time simply melts away. In this void, healing and true enlightenment are encouraged and absorbed by your true self. It is a place where you get to know what and who your actual being is.

The trouble when doing this is that when you come back to this time this life, your understanding and peace are at such a high level your vibrational energy rises, and the material world you come back to can be challenging to comprehend. It can cause confusion and disorientation; why?
Because experiencing a world where peace and compassion is a way of life, makes it challenging to come back to a world where fear and anxiety are a part of everyday life.

How do we start this practice? The first step is the easy part; we need to be aware that such a deep awareness of our true self is available. The second step is the hard part because we have to forget who we are and start again.

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