Only Those That Risk Find Out The Benefits

Risk is associated with fear, anxiety, something terrible, and uncertainty. What do all those words have in common? They are all future-based; they are all prerequisites of something that may or may not happen. If we live a satisfying life, then taking a risk is something we need to face and do from time to time. It is something that makes most of us go cold, as it means stepping out of our comfort zone that thing we wrap around us like a comfort blanket. But, it also stops us from moving forward and achieving a rewarding life. Risk doesn’t have to be as dramatic as it sounds. Most of us take risks every day without thinking about it, like crossing the road, driving, even taking a walk beside a road. Most of the risks we take are psychological, and most of our decisions are based on this. Like, what if I fail, what if I get turned down, shall I try and eat something I am not familiar with, losing friendships. A lot of what we decide is based on these questions; we ask ourselves on a day to day basis. How can we mitigate risk? The answer is that at times you can’t you have to roll with it. We are always told that taking a risk can lead to disaster; of course, it can if you go in blind. But, how many of you will cross a road, drive or walk alongside a road wearing a blindfold? The answer is none. You work out the risk, and you take precautions. So why would taking a chance in life in anything you do be dangerous if you take time to analyse the situation. If you use logic, intuition and common sense, and take one step at a time, there will be no risk. Walking the path less travelled is risky, or just a perception of being a risk? Just because few footsteps have gone that way before doesn’t make it dangerous, it makes it an adventure. Maybe one that leads to rewards. We will never know if we wrap that safety blanket around us. Use logic to understand a problem then use instinct to solve it. At the end of the path, that pot of gold may be waiting for you to collect, but we will never know if we sit and wonder.

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