Living In A Random Universe

The universe is random; it doesn’t follow a set code; it flows and moves freely and is unpredictable. You toss a coin in the air, and you wait for it to fall; it is sufficiently random that at the time, you won’t know which way it will land, either heads or tails. No matter what you think, it is spontaneous, unexpected, and free to follow whatever path it decides at any given moment.

Be open to this and the fact that we, as human beings, should not follow a code; we are also free to ebb and flow and walk to the beat of the cosmos. Ancient traditions understood this and were capable of feats of incredible spiritual knowledge and insight with immense physical endurance and strength.

In our modern lives, we forget how to dance to this rhythm as we have become too unyielding; we don’t listen or understand that balance comes to all things. If we become unyielding, we become brittle and easy to break.

The universe is constantly moving, flowing and changing; to progress collectively or individual, we need to do the same. Open your mind to become the universe by accepting its earthly relative, nature. Nature shows us the way if we let her, but we are too keen to close her down as we struggle to understand the richness and learnings she gives us on a moment by moment basis. Closing her down means we also close ourselves down to the answers we need. This will cause our demise if we don’t move to the beat of the universal ways.

Remain open, be free to allow your mind to engage with the universe and nature, be clear to what she is trying to show us, do not let your eyes betray by simply seeing. Allow yourself the freedom to experiment and not become brittle and break by closing down that one part you need for your life’s journey……!

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