Learnings from 2020

Last year was one of the more challenging years in recent memory and we, as a race of people, have navigated it in the best way we could. Leaving 2020 behind we move into a new year one filled with hope. With a pandemic still running riot, we may be grateful al-ways to be here, and we pray the future will treat us favourably.

What is hope? Is it something we control, or is it a whim, an idea we throw to the wind in the hope that it brings us what we need? We make a wish we look for a favourable result then we throw it up in the air, and it gets carried away in the breeze. We then carry on with the idea that the ‘thing’ we hope for will be somehow come right. If it doesn’t, then we blame many reasons, bad timing, bad karma, nature, the government, the list is endless.

But here is a thought, why don’t we take responsibility for that hope, that thing we wanted to change, in not arriving. There is no heavier burden and disappointment than an unful-filled desire. In our negative thinking and of doing a candle in the wind exercise, are we not causing our demise?

As we move headlong into 2021, let us start to realise that the only one that causes the irritations in life is us. Who else is to blame? This may be the biggest ‘wake up’ call we have had and yet we still scratch our heads and look at someone or something to blame. If we look in the right place there may be a light bulb moment yet to come, a realisation perhaps that we can create our hope.

You see, hope is just an expectation, a desire for something to happen. Can we create a belief of an expectation to become real? The answer is yes, of course, we can. A belief is an acceptance that something exists and is true, born from what we think we are capable of. As a race of people, we have already proved over centuries that we are capable of anything we put our minds too. And yet, when something happens out of our control, like a pandemic, we cannot wait to throw up our hands and look to blame someone else.

That light bulb moment comes when we start to take responsibility. When we accept re-sponsibility, we begin to become self-aware, we begin to ask questions, and asking questions will allow us to make decisions that lead to actions. This process will change our conscious awareness as we start to become attuned with our inner voice, that part of us that is so powerful that we choose to ignore it as we know better. Like running around in a panic every time something new comes along.

A phoenix is born from 2020 if we allow it to emerge from the flames. This phoenix brings a new beginning of life born from becoming self-aware, taking responsibility for our ac-tions and allowing change to become part of our daily routine. YOU are in control, no one else, YOU control your behaviour, no one else, YOU can grow a new ‘can do’ identity by the simple act of stop following others. By waking up and realising that blaming those out there, is only hurting one person, YOU!

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