Is life out there or in here?

Sometimes when people ask for help, they say, “I have searched for the answers to some of the questions I have about my life, but just cannot seem to find them” It could be you have been looking in the wrong place.

Life questions are found in our life; they are generally not out there or even in this article. The help offered in these articles and from others are simply guides. They may appeal to you, or they may not, and that is because you live life from your map of the world. Now whether this map is correct or not, we will never know.

What we should be doing is looking in the one place where your universe is centred, and that place is within you. We can spend a lifetime looking for the answers we need out there, but we hardly ever look in the area we should be looking, and that is within, for a few reasons.

  1. You are the centre of your universe.
  2. You are already connected to everything and anything through the quantum energy soup
  3. Your life and the answers you seek are yours, which will be different to others, no matter how similar they appear.

Within you are all the answers from emotions, connected to your heart, logical connected to your conscious, capabilities and beliefs connected to the unconscious and the powerhouse that stores everything you could ever want, the subconscious. To start to use these:

  1. Become aware that you have these to use.
  2. Begin the process by asking questions and direct them to the part of you which has the answers.
  3. Wait for the reply, which may come to you in all manner of ways.Things you may hear from the world around you include the television, friends, family, radio, and nature. Or things from what you see which may come to you in all sorts of ways. The trick is knowing when you believe you have received the answer.

Above all, open your mind to possibilities because it is within the possible that the impossible is irradiated. Within the heart, the conscious, unconscious and subconscious where all the answers you could ever need lay. So stop looking out there for your solutions, as you may have been sitting on the answers all along.

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