In One Day, What Can You Achieve?

In one day, what can you achieve? What can you change in your life in 1,440 Minutes? What is meant by you, and what is change? Is it personal, is it collective or global? You see, life is here, it’s now, and it is evolving, always evolving, changing, moving, flowing ebbing and never the same, not for one thousand of a second will it ever be the same.

So imagine if you can change your life within a thousand of a second, how much could you achieve, as the ripples of that change gain momentum over the next 1,440 minutes? All it takes is a flash of an idea, an inspiration or a realisation that things can be different.

What are you? It is precisely that it is you, it isn’t the other, the media, the father, mother, sister, brother of the friend, it is your life to have and to hold, to experience and make of it what you will. Change, what is evolution but a difference in thought, a perspective, feeling, and to have the ability to ask those questions about yourself and then listen to the answers which will lead to a greater understanding about you

Just try asking that question about yourself, then have the conviction to listen to the answer and then let yourself be moved by the response. Remember, this is your responsibility, not the ideas of others. Then allow yourself to move to a new beat, and let your beliefs change about what you thought was possible to what is possible. Then see what happens at the end of those 1,440 minutes.

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