If we follow the crowd then we might as well wear a blindfold

This is very true; why would you want to follow and do what everyone else does? It is your life, no-one else’s, so why do we have this constant desire to follow and copy what others do? Entrepreneurs break away from this behaviour to become successful. The other end of the scale is where people move away from that high powered position to work on the land in remote areas around the globe.

Becoming true to you is essential for your growth. Yes, we have to follow the rules and regulations which are made for the good of all. But that’s it, why do we continue to follow others who are lost? All that does is make us confused as we follow those who have no clear direction. We make heroes of people we think will show us how; we give them airtime and replicate their behaviours and thoughts, thinking this will provide us with the guidance and clarity we seek. How will this work? All you are doing is following someone else, which doesn’t make any sense.

There is only one person to give you what you require, and that is you. Understand some of your beliefs about what you can or cannot do have been programmed into you from others. Time to take back control; how do we do this? We become aware of our thoughts and feelings about what we tell ourselves. Those thoughts say I cannot do this or that because I don’t have the confidence, will power or enthusiasm. Or perhaps I am fearful and anxious about change. Remember, these may not be your thoughts, just ones programmed into you as you have navigated your way through life. One other part of you to ask is your heart. Ask you heart what you truly believe. Your heart has 40 thousand neuro transmitters, it is a small brain and is connected to the ‘sensing’ part of your body. If anywhere has the answer it is the heart. Oh yes sorry that’s right we don’t know how to use this because those we follow have never used it either.

Become aware of your thoughts, then ask yourself where these limiting self-beliefs have come from. If you listen correctly, the answer will come, and I bet they didn’t originate from you. Once you understand that you have been living from someone else’s perspective, you can decide to change and live your life. Isn’t it time to stop following others and take off that blindfold, become the best you can be for yourself? As for the rest, well, that’s their issue.

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