Have you a fear of being you?

We all go through life with this recognition of being us, being the person you associate with when you look in the mirror that familiar face you can identify with. As you look in that reflection, it is us, and being us means we bring all the behaviours, beliefs and identities that make us who we are.

But, how many of us really associate with being who we are? How many of us would like to break away from being that person others want us to be to truly become the person we deserve to be without that ridicule of others just because we wish to live our individual life.

Have you a fear of being you because you don’t conform to how others believe you should be? It is hard to be ourselves these days. Not being our true self means we block ourselves from being that authentic being we deserve to be. We can never achieve our goals or ambitions if we live in fear of being us.

Be authentic and genuine to yourselves; the ridicule of others is born from jealously and low self-worth. Don’t allow the shortcomings of others to stop you from living the life of your dreams. Let go of a lifestyle you are used to and embrace yourself. If people have a problem with it, well, isn’t that their problem?

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