Failure? What Failure?

When we think of failures or mistakes, we see these as times when things went wrong, but we could also see them as accomplishments if we took the time. Only during such moments where we believe we fail can we look at what tripped us up. We can then either learn from it or ignore it and hope it doesn’t trip us again in the future.

What is failure anyway? It is only something we tried that didn’t work, which if we turn around, we could say we tried something that didn’t work; therefore, it’s feedback. In life, if we try something and it didn’t work, it is never a failure, only feedback. We have found a way in which something doesn’t work. That has to be an accomplishment; we are now innovators in discovering how things work, or in this case, how it doesn’t.

If you are tripped up in life, see it for what it is; if you have tried something and it didn’t work, it’s feedback. If we are tripped up on our life’s path, what learning can we take from it? Which is just another form of feedback. Next time you feel overwhelmed by life, don’t let it take over. Step back, see the situation for what it is because sometimes only in what didn’t work can we find the success we are looking for.



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