Don’t dream of the life you want, as this distracts you from living it

What happens when we dream? We go into a mediative state, which is lovely; it shows us the life, job, house or partner we want. We visualise what it may feel and see like, and may-be get those lovely warm and satisfying feelings of something achieved. But then it starts to go wrong when we begin to analyse that thing we want and start to ask questions about whether it is a tangible thing or not.

The more we dream about such things, the more we stop it from coming because we use that thinking brain, that part of us which uses logic to help us navigate through life. It en-gages the unconscious, which in itself starts to remind us of when we tried things or wanted things which didn’t manifest. Then we question why it didn’t arrive, and before long, that thing you dream about is just another memory of something we want, which now seems very unlikely to come.

Next time you dream of the things you want, don’t dream about it; become it. Start mov-ing toward that thing you wish by reminding yourself of all the reasons why you should have it, be positive and expect it to arrive. Start working toward it; small steps make that big difference. You want a better job, then start looking at job adverts for that job you want. A new house? Then begin to look at estate agents, speak to the bank. Is it viable? A new partner, well, you won’t attract anyone sitting indoors thinking about it, get out there and start looking for your ideal partner.

Remember, don’t think about what you don’t want as this will only bring this to you; think about all the things you do want in a job, house or partner etc. And start to move in that direction. Simply dreaming will only remind you why you don’t have that thing you want in the first place, and that will only distract you from getting what it is you desire.

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