Do we fall?

As we walk our path in this lifetime, we sometimes fall, which is a part of life, but do we fall or evolve? When we fall, we see it as a sign of weakness or something untoward happened, which isn’t fair as we don’t deserve it. That is classed as a fall. But, a few walk amongst us that never see a fall; they see it as a chance to grow and evolve into a higher state of being.

You see, most will see this fall, as falling backwards like we have been knocked off our feet and pushed so that we fall back. But, who told you we always fall backwards? Most of us fall forwards so that we can see the thing which caused us to trip. The problem is most of us keep our eyes closed as we fall, so we don’t see the reason.

If we keep our eyes open when we fall, we will see why this trip has happened. We will be able to take the learning from it and understand why it happened. If you can do that, you accept the understanding from it, and if you do that, you evolve. You have to because any learning we take will cause us to develop, which means we move forward. Next time you fall, remember that most of the time, we fall forward. Amazing to think that even when we take one of life’s stumbles, we are actually in the process of still moving forward.

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