Destiny is a choice

Despite what you have been told, destiny is a choice; it isn’t a matter of chance. Our future is our own; if we walk our path, it will lead us to fulfil our potential. It comes from the choices we make as we navigate our daily life on a moment by moment basis. We have to note that to solve our problems, we have to do so without taking individuality away; in fact, we need to encourage it.

The thought that our destiny is outside of our control, therefore we don’t fight it why would we? It isn’t our choice. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Because our destiny is ours to control, it always has been and always will be. It is not predetermined; it is not fate; it is our choice.

The old school of thinking is that we have arrived, and supernatural forces have predetermined our future outside of our control. Or, because we fit into this mould of a particular architectural type, then we are not capable of this or that and therefore must conform to a specific kind of behaviour. This thinking maybe the reason you haven’t progressed to living the life you desire. Your destiny is yours to control, and no-one else should influence this unless you allow them. Begin your journey by looking at the outcome you would like to achieve. Then start walking toward this outcome; the journey taken is yours; the decision to move is yours; the result is your conscious decision.

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