Conscious Reasoning

When was the last time you consciously changed, and how would you know? Our conscious mind is what we use daily to understand the five primary forms of us as a human and covers what we see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. It takes onboard around 7 million pieces of information every second during our waking hour.

How many times have you questioned those five primary forms of our world we take for granted to become a better individual? If we go through life simply accepting what our conscious minds are showing us, we are missing the point of what makes us an individual. We begin to see the same as everyone else, hear the same as everyone else because as we follow the crowd, we believe what we are being told, and to a point, we ignore what we are being shown.

It is time to ignore the rest and take note of what you are consciously taking notice of. That is when conscious change happens. When using those five senses, challenge them; when you see something, question what you see. When you hear something, what is it you are hearing? These five senses are only an adaptation of what your brain is telling you, and we believe it.

Don’t take for granted what is relayed to you by your five senses and what the brain thinks the interpretation is. Instead, question your senses and engage intuition, those gut feelings we get. When we get these gut feelings, we ignore them as they don’t comply with our conscious reasoning. Intuition comes from the subconscious, which takes on 22+ million bits of information a second, which is significantly more powerful than the conscious. So, which one will you trust to show you the real world?

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