Becoming aware or channeling self-awareness?

Asking questions is to become self-aware. Being self-aware is the first step to understanding. Understanding is the first step to living.

People often get confused between being aware and self-aware. Being aware is noticing your surroundings, the ‘out there’ part of us, our environment and how we interact with it. Being self-aware is noticing you, that ‘I’ the ‘in here’ part of us, which leads to a better understanding of the self.

Why would we want to understand the self part of us? If we know the self, our thoughts, feelings and behaviours, it will naturally build our values around what we believe about us and our capabilities as an individual. Once we start to grasp this, we engage that higher reasoning which starts to investigate those questions.

How do we start? We become self-aware by asking questions and not taking things for granted. There is a reason you behave in the way you do and have limiting beliefs about you and your life. As these doubts arise, we need to ask questions about the structure and values surrounding our abilities, which begins the process of identifying and understanding the relationship to these ideas and thoughts we have about ourselves.

It is then that we take the first step to living the life we want. Because becoming self-aware means, you understand that ‘I’ that inner person, if you take back control and not let the self-sabotage dictate who you are, the transformation starts to you living a full and satisfying life.

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