Drawing on my passion for psychology, mediumship, holistic practices and modern science, my writing explores ideas around who we are, what we might be capable of and our part in the natural world.


An interview with Kate Delaney of America Tonight Radio, discussing the thoughts, feelings and inspiration around my books, and musings for what to expect next.  


Kate Delaney interviewed Finlay about his 2 books. Why he wrote them and what you can expect to take away from these books.

The Human Whisperer

Our world, like us, is constantly changing and evolving, which is a good thing, but I feel that as our world gets more complicated with the use of all this artificial intelligence, smartphones, computers, etc., we may lose who we really are. I am all for looking ahead and not looking back; however, there are certain good points to us looking back which will centre us in the here and now. And that is remembering who we are, where we came from and having that good old-fashioned common sense that we seem to have lost along the way. This book is going to remind you that there is so much more to us than you think. Science is discovering new things about us all the time, how we think, interact and how we make sense of our world. 

Get Out Of Your Way
I hope you enjoyed this book and if the result is that it has made you stop and think, then it has fulfilled its purpose. This book is the start of a continued project of works, as I feel that we are only on the tip of human evolution and we are really only now discovering what we are capable of. I am passionate to continue investigating new ideas, theories, modern science and, of course, my studies on mediumship. Science continues to break through what we thought was true and take us on the never-ending journey of discovery that, in itself, opens up new avenues of consciousness which we must take time to understand.

Conversation With Allison Dunn

A podcast conversation with Allison Dunn at Deliberate Directions about my books plus leadership and management using NLP as a coaching tool.
My Gallipoli

This newly discovered factual diary written by Able Seaman Stone contains a day to day running commentary about the daunting and sometimes harrowing accounts of the merchant ships as they transported troops, horses, ammunition and general stores during the Gallipoli campaign. These ships and their crews were the unsung heroes of this extraordinary time as they faced danger from the German and Turkish summaries that could attack at any moment.

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