Are you enjoying the ride, or are you letting life drag you along?

It is said that suffering is our resistance to what happens. The things we experience in life can give us physical pain, whereas suffering only comes from resisting meaning. We all get angry with the things we cannot control, why? Because we have to have things our way and the way we ex-pect things to be.

The pain comes from confusing the things that are up to us and the things that aren’t. Getting upset about the things we cannot change will leave us angry, disappointed and blaming others for our misfortune. If we go about our lives desiring that thing that is out of our control, this will in-evitably lead to disappointment and issues around confidence and anxiety.

The answer is to focus on what you can control, and the rest will simply happen. Most events in our lives happen without us having a say in them. Even something we have planned may go wrong at times. We have two choices as we go through life, we either accept things and try to understand their meaning, or we get dragged along and act like a victim.

Try and make the best out of every situation. Learn from it and move on. Because the outcome is often out of our hands, remember it is not the event that creates anger and resentment, it is purely the meaning we put to that event that causes us to have negative emotions.