Are we losing hope?

Are we losing the way to hope, peace and love? The more we rely on technology to show us the way have we lost the very foundation on why we are here on this earth? We can look up what hope, peace and love are on the internet or our handheld devices, but do we truly understand the real essence and meaning of what they represent?

We watched a program just the other day when a reporter asked a few people on the streets of London if there is hope after the pandemic that is presently surging through our world. ‘Oh yes,’ one replied, ‘science is bringing us hope with their discoveries they are making. Another stated that ‘technology is so good these days it allows him to reflect and find peace.

We miss the point that hope, peace and love aren’t out there; it doesn’t rely on someone or something to bring these things to us. These three simple but essential words are all we need to survive this modern world we live in. Forget using science and the media to find these fundamental elements of what we are. Stop rushing around and trying to find meaning to everything because while you are looking, you are pushing away the very factors you need to work with. Understand that you need to stop looking out there and start looking from within.

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