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Author, Visionary, Mentor and Transitional Coach.

“When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change”

How Can I Help You?

From a young age, I felt that I had a unique gift of being in-tune with how the universe works and understood the impact this has on our lives. I was very cognisant and connected to the world around me and this remains the case to this day.

Like most of us, ‘life’ quickly took over, and education, career and relationships took a lead. However, my interest in the scientific study of Quantum Physics and the human mind and behaviour has always remained.

My career started within Corporate Management; it was challenging, full of long days and stressful times – and then a personal trauma struck.

I became ill and suddenly I found myself in an emotional hole; living my life continually anxious, fearful and isolated with my thoughts. One morning, it all changed. I woke up and realised that I was the only person who could change this situation; the only one to pick myself up and take steps to change things around.

This profound experience asserted my passion to help others in similar situations and I have since dedicated my knowledge and learning to help clients open their minds to endless possibilities, so they never need to feel like this again.

I embarked on a journey to really, truly understand us. Humans.

Not from reading books, but by delving into understanding life around us and the part we play within it. I discovered the many facets that make us human; why we behave and act in the way that we do. This allowed me to get beneath the skin of our existence and look at who we really are.

My profession focuses on:

· Psychology

· NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Master Practitioner)

· ILM7 Executive Coaching Transitional and Personal Coaching

I also specialise in holistic methods, including:

· Hypnosis

· Medium/Psychic and Intuitive skills

· Reiki Level 2 (Energy Healing)

· Medicine Buddha

These tried and tested methods can provide incredible benefits and can provide effective additional support alongside more conventional methods, to help people to reach their goals and ambitions.

I have spent many years working with clients from all walks of life and catered for a broad spectrum of obstacles. This ranges from Corporate & Business Coaching to Personal Mentoring, using many tailored techniques to achieve fantastic results.

About Me

I have spent many years working with clients from all walks of life and catered for a broad spectrum of obstacles. This ranges from Corporate & Business Coaching to Personal Mentoring,

using many tailored techniques to achieve fantastic results.

In my spare time, I have been humbled and proud to work as a volunteer for a Breast Cancer Charity situated in the Surrey area. And also I have provided mentoring for a disaster management organisation.

More recently I have written two books: ‘Get Out of Your Way’ and ‘The Human Whisperer’. These guides take a deeper look into the world around us and explore how nature plays its part in our lives. They aren’t your typical ‘self-help’ books, I’ve carefully written them to challenge the reader and help to explore their self-growth and discovery in a completely unique way. They can be found here and here.

So, How Am I different?

If you are looking for a traditional Coach or Mentor that intends to take you on the same, simple, carbon copy template journey as every other client of theirs, then stop right now,

I’m afraid I’m not the Coach for you.

If you are prepared to take a unique journey to explore YOUR life’s true potential, discover what you are really capable of and find your true identity, then buckle up.

You are in the right place.

You can eliminate anxieties and fear without having to sacrifice parts of your life.  It’s not about learning the secrets or mysteries that you may see other Coaches and Mentors promise. It is simply about you.

If you are looking for a holistic, straight-talking Coach that tailors the method to what you need, then keep reading.

I don’t base my line of work on any one plan; it’s diverse and tailored. I love to challenge my clients to think outside the box and enable that individuality of yours to shine through.  This is about you. Your journey. Your goals.  No one else’s.

You can change your life around by the simple act of being you.  You already have the answers within you – I am here to help you find them.

Find Your Freedom.

Don’t let 2020 define who you are. We all deserve a fresh start. We’ve all felt insecurities during 2020. I’ve personally seen how these changes can affect us and our lives. So time to wake up, face your fears and explore your true potential.

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