A River Cuts Through Rock Not Because Of Its Power But Because Of Its Persistence

Ever tried something that didn’t work and said to yourself it isn’t worth the effort? There are times most of us have all felt or said that to ourselves. At times like these, there has to be a realisation that not everything will work the first time, and sometimes things take a little longer to work.

A river will cut its way through rock given time; if we want something to happen or try something new, it is persistence and patience that will get the job done. The problem is in our fast-paced world, where information and data are at our fingertips. We have lost the tolerance for things to happen if they take too long. We give up, walk away and say things are not happening, we then walk another path which we hope will bring what we need faster, but it doesn’t always work.

I was at the back of the queue when they gave out patience. But I have learnt that sometimes persistence is required for that set goal or ambition to come to fruition. If we try something, we set the intention for whatever it is to work or happen. Realise that it may take longer than we planned, it doesn’t mean it won’t work or come to you, merely that it is taking more time than we initially thought.

When water cuts through rock, it may take time, but it is everlasting and will change the face of the environment and landscape forever. When we set an intention, let it grow as it will slowly but surely change our perspective of our minds’ landscape and become everlasting.

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