A New Era

The poem below was recited to sailor in WW1 an Abel Seaman Stone from an unknown British solider when we has transporting injured troops between Gallipoli and Alexandra in Egypt.

These ends of time must give us pause for thought
before we fray into the future, into the unknown
where untold fortunes and times rise to meet us
keep strong in the light of challenges, keep brave
in the face of adversity, as only we know how.

Like most I have spent the last few months living in these strange times trying to work out what happens next. I sometimes feel like Abel Seaman Stone, afloat at sea with no sight of land, and carrying the injured to a place I am yet to understand. It is feeling like there is no beginning, no middle and no end. Then this morning, the above poem flashed into my head. It was then I realised why I was feeling lost, probably along with most other people, if we are honest.

As the poem above says, these ends of time must give us pause for thought. In other words stop, we have reached an end of an era of substantial growth in our evolution in our history. It is now that we must sit down and contemplate our future. Next line, before we fray into the future, into the unknown. Once we have contemplated our future, then we need to know what the unknown is. The unknown is simply a path that we have yet to identify, so don’t rush along the same path as we are on now, it will only lead to more confusion. Running headlong in the same direction won’t get us to where we need to be, we need to understand what the future is and then change paths. Then where untold for-tunes and times rise to meet us. In other words, once we have contemplated, and changed paths, then new fortunes will be there as it rises to greet us and to show that this new path, this unfamiliar path is now the right one to take. Keep strong in the light of chal-lenges, keep brave in the face of adversity This new life that rises to meet us, will bring challenges, it will need a willingness to change, to understand this new life, and the in-sights and new identity it will bring. Keep brave as the face of adversity is just a new be-ginning, a new understanding that we must embrace and have faith and trust that this new life is a phoenix born from the confusion of the old life we leave behind. The final few words as only we know how. We have to realise that we have everything we need to push ahead with this new life, this new dimension that we are entering. Remember you are a child of the universe, you are connected to everything and anything, you have all the wisdom, insights and strength needed to meet and succeed on this new path. Do not let anyone else tell you otherwise. Trust, release and expect the universe and nature to show you the way to you new higher destiny.

Remember these times of false and negative media reporting are only there as journal-ists and world leaders are scared and fearful of the future. They are still lost at sea with no clear direction in which to sail. You do not need or have to follow these beliefs. You have everything you need to follow this new path to a new enlightenment. Follow your instincts do not rely on the stories of those that are lost, make your own story, this new one of wonder and of a new developing life. One step out of the darkness and into the light is all that is needed to make you realise there is a new path. Take a deep breathe as YOU are in control, not the fears and anxieties of others who are lost at sea. So go ahead walk and open to new wonders, insights and a greater strength that you never realise you had.
Amazing really that a poem by a solider of a war being fought 103 years ago still makes sense of the world we are living in to-day.

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